Selected publications

 The history and future of digital health in the field of behavioral medicine

Weight management and physical activity throughout the cancer care continuum.

Promoting physical activity in patients with colon adenomas: a randomized pilot intervention trial

Implementing the exercise guidelines for cancer survivors

Design and conduct of intervention-based research among cancer survivors

Maximizing benefits for effective cancer survivorship programming: defining a dissemination and implementation plan

Obesity and Cancer

Physical activity and risk of colon adenoma: a meta-analysis

Change in physical activity and colon cancer incidence and mortality

Risk of urinary incontinence following prostatectomy

American College of Sports Medicine Roundtable on Exercise Guidelines for Cancer Survivors

Physical activity and urologic cancers.

Physical activity and survival after cancer diagnosis in men.

Implementing Clinical Practice Guidelines About Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Through Shared Decision Making.

Can weight loss prevent cancer? 

Physical activity and colon cancer prevention: a meta-analysis

Does perception equal reality? Weight misperception in relation to weight-related attitudes and behaviors among overweight and obese US adults.

Safe to Walk? Neighborhood safety and physical activity among public housing residents.

Physical activity in US Blacks: a systematic review and critical examination of self-report instruments.

Validation of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire-Short among Blacks.

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